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DV New Ikon Pass launches March 6

It’s official: The Ikon Pass launches 3/6 for the ’18/19 season. The pass is priced at $599 and $899 giving the holder several options at the 26 destinations that are participating. For the $599 option there are 9 destinations that have unlimited access and 16 destinations with 5 days access, both have 10 blackout dates. The $899 options provides 12 destinations with unlimited access and 13 destinations with 7 days of access and NO blackout dates. In both cases, Deer Valley and AltaSnowbird are in the limited access category.

This pass could be a great option for the skier that wants to move around between Deer Valley and AltaSnowbird or the lucky ones who plan more than one ski vacation a year!

For more information visit Ikon Pass Details.

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4 Responses to “DV New Ikon Pass launches March 6”

    • Hi Steve,
      I am so sorry but realizing that your question slipped through un-noticed until now. My sincere apologies. Have you been able to get the information you need? I would be happy to forward on all info re Ikon Pass, which has added 2 more UT resorts to its list yesterday with Brighton and Solitude and today added Taos in NM.

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    What is the price on the military pass and is it active duty only or does it include retired military?

    • Hi Joe,
      I’m sorry that this is only getting responded to now. Your question slipped through un- noticed. Please accept my sincere apologies. Have you found out sufficient information to your questions? Please do let me know if not and I will get you the definitive response immediately.

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